Nampo ALFA

Alfa bywoners smul lekker aan Wagyu wat vir hulle gaar gemaak is

The NAMPO ALFA Livestock, Hunting, and Outdoor Expo took place at NAMPO Park just outside Bothaville from October 12 to October 14, 2023. Celebrating the harmonious intersection of livestock, outdoor lifestyle, and hunting, this event holds significant relevance within the South African agricultural community. The expo showcased practical demonstrations, including 4×4 vehicles, caravans, camping gear, hunting equipment, and a shooting range. Attendees had the unique opportunity to experience these aspects firsthand, immersing themselves in the practical use of various equipment. While smaller in scale compared to the annual NAMPO event held in May, the ALFA Expo drew an impressive 33% growth in attendance, with 8,330 tickets sold over the three-day period.

The Wagyu Society made a notable presence at the Wagyu house, offering visitors the chance to directly purchase Wagyu products from the breeders. In a unique twist, consumers could even request that the steaks they purchased be prepared on-site for immediate enjoyment. Within the Cattle complex, Wagyu was showcased with a bull, cow, and calf, providing onlookers with a firsthand encounter. This event underscored the ongoing interest among consumers and livestock enthusiasts to gain insights into Wagyu production and understand the nuances of preparing Wagyu to capture its enhanced flavour profile. Special thanks go to Zuney Wagyu for actively participating in educational demonstrations and facilitating direct-to-public sales. Additionally, gratitude is extended to Soldus Wagyu for contributing their animals to the event, enriching the experience for attendees who relish the opportunity to see and interact with these remarkable cattle.

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Office personnel and their duties:

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Office Personnel and their responsibilities

  • Fritz Bezuidenhout ( Chief Operating Officer & Director of CWB
  • Ivonne van Tonder ( Manager

Animal registrations (Births), DNA (parent verification), all animal-related inquiries, semen/embryo imports, animal sales and catalogues, orders for tags & applicators, DNA progress reports, staff administration and management

  • Chantel Dicks ( Manager

All financial-related enquiries.

  • Chantelle Boshoff ( Services

Memberships, DNA (SNPs), all membership-related enquiries, CWB Certificates & audit-related documents, Maintaining DNA Biobank, Wagyu Website, social media, and advertising on all platforms.

  • Tanya Pieterse ( Officer

Genetic Evaluation & Breed Improvement, BGP project, analysis of breed performance, Carcass evaluation and verification, Performance data recording on the database & assessment of performance data (Outliers and Completeness of performance), Scheduling and administration for WSA & CWB meetings.

  • Martin Claassen ( Assistant

Geo-locations, CWB campaigning, Carcass evaluation and verification, DNA progress reports, Performance data recording and progress reports (Completeness of performance).

  • Mawande Ngayo ( Assistant

Emerging farmer-related enquiries, audit scheduling & field officer assisting on-site.